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TAŞEVLİ TEXTILE INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY was established in 1994 in Denizli in order to fulfill the increasing demands of the textile sector with its quarter century industrial experience.

Firstly, we entered the textile sector with yarn trade in 1987 and started to produce towels and bathrobes with weaving loom investments. Our company has adopted the principle of providing the continuity of the company with new products and supporting the economic power in our region and in our country by creating employment.

In addition to these, we have started to produce in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) with our organic production certificate to produce fantastic products of wood, metal and sand by exceeding our limits in our towel and bathrobe production. In line with the demands of our customers, we made a first in our company with our bamboo, modal and micro modal products.

Our Mission
Supplying qualified products at affordable price on time and providing service to textile industry with bigger and confidental steps.

Our Vision
To provide qualified products for our customers on time with reasonable price and to serve to the textile sector by taking bigger steps with confidence.

Our Quality Policy
Taşevli Textile, as a company that aims to be a leading company in the industry with a focus on customer satisfaction, the company is aware that indispensable step is to provide high quality products and services. Quality in our company is always the first step and continues to be controlled until the final product is delivered from the beginning of the production to the customer.

Every step of the process applied to our company passes on its quality and traceability as it goes on to the next. Thus, every problem is detected on time. Our company feels responsible for quality control on the basis of every staff member in our company. The relevant system allows simultaneous improvement and improvement of the quality of the production steps.

Our company's quality policy is based on respect for business security and natural environment. It aims to keep employee and customer satisfaction at the highest level while offering quality products on this page.

While applying our quality policy completely, we aim to achieve continuous improvement and participation in improvement and to provide training by encouraging our staff in this direction. It is our quality policy and our commitment to always provide the best, shortest and most faultless and most appropriate customer service.